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Cooking Enthusiast

Stockholm - Sweden

Founder and creator of, Linking the Culinary World.

It was his great passion for food that inspired Michel der Gaspard, IT Consultant and Digital Media Specialist in Sweden, to create Cookniche, a meeting place for food lovers, amateurs as well as professionals.

- "The idea was born out of my own desire to have a common platform where one can create a culinary page and share recipes, blog posts, images, videos and thoughts about food", says Michel.

For a food lover, Cookniche offers an alternative site that goes beyond existing social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

- "On Cookniche, you can search for photos, videos, recipes, and blogs, either separately or all at the same time. You can also search the content of one member or of all members simultaneously".

- "You can group your recipes according to dish types, meal types, occasions, and countries of origin. You can see the posts of members who are geographically close to you, and recipes from your country".

- "You can comment and "hashtag” and you can share your posts on other social media. Everything is free and will remain so", Michel adds.

What distinguishes Cookniche from other food sites is that the members are the ones who create the content. Members publish their own recipes, blog articles, photos, videos; and share them with the world.

Michel's vision and aim is that Cookniche would make a major breakthrough, and become an essential network of all those who share the same passion, Food. Already after its recent launch in January 2016, a great deal of amateurs and international chef celebrities are on Cookniche.

It took two years of hard and dedicated work before Michel was satisfied to go live with the site.

- "I see many opportunities for developing Cookniche further. There are a few surprises in the near future", he promises, and continues: "One thing I strongly believe is that the use of “video recipes” will grow even more in the future".

- Michel adds: "in the future we might have a Nordic Corner, a French Corner, a page with recommended restaurants, and so on".

- "Today, Cookniche is ad-free, but in the future there will be an advertising space for sponsors. That will not disturb the site", emphasizes Michel.

Short about Michel der Gaspard:
- Senior IT Consultant and Digital Media Strategist.
- Has worked both for the private and public sectors since 1996.
- Michel's cuisine is influenced from the Mediterranean region - France, Italy, Spain, and of course from his childhood country, Lebanon.

Interview by Marianne Khilberg, Head of communication at Folke Bernadotte Academy, and former journalist at the Swedish Radio.

Date of birth
19 August

Member since
10 June 2015